Thursday, December 01, 2016

Google Pixel

Over the last few extended weeks of my birthday celebration, I managed to get 3 gifts that are from the current Google lineup. I wanted to share some brief thoughts on them. Today is the main one, my new Google Pixel phone.

I have been an Android user since the first Google phone the G1. Along the way I have repeatedly updated my phones as the newer version have come to market. In many cases I have had a later model iPhone as well as a testing phone for the various companies I have been at over the years. While I know many of my friends love iPhones, my favoring of Android has never let up.

Over the last 6 years I have exclusively owned Google Nexus phones. While I know a number of people who enjoy the Samsung and other variants of Android devices, I have always preferred the stripped down software on Nexus devices and I have enjoyed having early access to the latest flavors of Android.

My most recent phone until the Pixel has been the Nexus 6. I recall at the time it came out I was very disappointed that I only had one option to buy a gigantic phone. Over the two years I used it I definitely became comfortable with the size and all in all it was a pretty outstanding phone.

The Pixel for me is a move back to a smaller device which I am generally excited about. I think I could have easily gone with the Pixel XL as well but it was nice to switch back to a smaller device.

There are a number of great sites that have comprehensive reviews of the Pixel so I am not going to try to cover much but instead wanted to highlight a couple areas that are either very interesting or very disappointing. Before I do that I have to say that I really love this new phone so any issues are generally minor.

The Bad...

GPS - My GPS has something crazy going on. When using Maps or Waze, the Pixel occasionally looses precise location tracking. This has resulted in some annoying freeway announcements from my phone as well as literally getting lost in a residential neighborhood while trying to pick up a kid from a friends house. I have contacted customer support and sometime in the next few days will try to take the steps that will fix it. Unfortunately I don't think the steps will work but we will see.

Speaker - The speaker on this phone is just bad. I cringe at the thought of using this phone for conference calls in speaker phone which was something that was stellar on the Nexus 6. I am dumbfounded on why you would go cheap on a premium phone in the speaker department.

USB C - Guess all my old chargers are obsolete now. The upside though is that the charging time is amazing.

The Good...

Software - Clean new Android software with lots of good bells and whistles.

Camera - Probably the best camera I have had on a phone.

Speed - Everything is lightning fast.

The Awesome...

Google Assistant - While this is not where it needs to be is light years ahead of Siri and is a big improvement on the Google Voice / Google Now services that I have grown to love on the Nexus 6. Google will be granting API access of some sorts for Assistant in the coming month and I am sure that there will be some great development in that arena. I especially like the way Assistant interacts with the Google Home device. I will chat more about that next.

Google Daydream - Wow. That like the Google Home will be it's own topic but suffice to say it has been the first wow moment I have experienced with virtual reality.

Back soon with comments on Google Home and Google Daydream.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ScoreStream - User Generated Sports Photos

In addition to the great videos we get each week, we have been getting some amazing photos from the crowd like these from last week:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

ScoreStream - User Generated Sports Clips

This last year has seen our company get to a point where each week we get some amazing amount of photos and videos each week. Here is an example of last week's nationwide Top 10 clips:

The volume and quality of content that users can create when given a platform never ceases to amaze me. If you want to see all 14 weeks you can find the full playlist here:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Haven't been here in forever. I have been contemplating dusting off the keyboard and giving it another go. Seems sad to leave the old diary behind but maybe a fresh start is a good thing. In any case...will see if I can do this for a few posts at least and then make a call. I have been spending more time with other tools as well so maybe something will stick naturally....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Top Music from 2012

Around the holiday break each year I try to spend some time listening to the best music from the previous year and I spend the first month or so trying to come up to speed on what was new in the last year of music.  While many of my friends think there has been no good music since Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, I would beg to differ.

So for those friends who want to put down the cassette tapes and try something new, I humbly submit that these were some of the best artists making music in 2012 in no particular order other than loose groupings by take of music:

Hillbilly / Country / Yalternative

Mumford and Sons - Not only did the sell a ton of music, it was a ton of awesome music.  In my 20s, if you told me that I would be vaguely listening to hill billy music I would have laughed.  Somehow, here I am.  I blame the Grateful Dead.  Mumford and Sons followed up their last awesome effort with an almost as good follow on.  This is a must have.

Avett Brothers - I don't like them nearly as much as Mumford, but they have a great sound and I find that the more I listen the more I like.


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Not as good as the debut but still full of a lot of hippy 60s good lovin.

Blues and R&B

Jack White - Jack White is amazing.  Whether it is The White Stripes, The Raconteurs or any of his other projects, he is always top notch.  I am sure we will look back over time and he will be thought of as one of the top notch artists of our time.  Blunderbuss is an AMAZING work.  Buy it.

Alabama Shakes - My neighbor and camping buddy Dave turned me on to them and while it took a bit to get used to the voice the first go around, it really grew on me and I like it a lot.  It is consistently on a ton of top 10 lists all over the place.

The Heavy - Following up from the work that had "How you like me now?" from the movie The Fighter, this one continues in the rocking tradition of music that I swore was James Brown.  I recommend What Makes A Good Man.

Frank Ocean - AWESOME album.  Not something I would normally listen to but really infectious.  Pretty much a consistent top 5 on people's year end list and if you listen you will get it.

Electronic / Indie / Experimental

MNDR - Ok, it is my sister in law, but I swear, check out this performance from The David Letterman show.  Her debut work had a ton of great tracks and I can't wait to see what she does next.  Great remixes on Hype Machine too...

Santigold - The artist MNDR is compared to a bunch.  The band has a great sound that is really catchy and puts them at the forefront of what is happening in dancehall electronic etc.

Passion Pit - Loved the last one and love this one too.  I Take A Walk has got to be the happiest song of 2012.

Alt J - Eclectic and very listenable.  It is one that grows on you and drives you to obsession.

the XX - One of my favorite bands of the last several years.  Wonderful, rich, haunting music with a voice to die for.

Bat for Lashes - New to me this year like a couple of others.  Really well done though with lots of great tracks.

Of Monsters and Men - I am still not sure about the whole record but I am still in the early part of this growing on me and might even throw it in the same grouping as Mumford.

Gotye - I don't like most of this one.  I do love the big track Someone I Used to Know.  That sounds just seemed to play all year long last year and I still like it...

Punk and Rock

I will admit that I didn't get to spend as much time this last holiday break digging in the crates for my fill of what is truly my bread and butter music, but these three jumped out and even hit the mainstream to some extent...

The Mars Volta - I was dying for the new record and it didn't disappoint.  Unfortunately it seems that the At The Drive In  reunion might have taken them off the circuit for touring in support of this one but nonetheless it is a great addition to their discography.

Japandroids - Holly crap, these guys hit it out.  I loved the track Art Czars from their last go around but this whole record is rocking and awesome and on a ton of top 10 lists all over the place.  Must buy.

Titus Andronicus - Not as strong as the last one, but still a rollicking fun punk rock kind of record.

All the links here are to Hype Machine, my hands down favorite music discovery tool.  You can play songs from all the artists there but I highly recommend you click to the blogs who wrote about the bands and find some more awesomeness of your own.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Google+ for iPad

I want to like Google+.  Seriously.  I am an Android user on mobile even though I use Apple everything else.  Mac, Ipad and AppleTV (both of them).  Google+ highlights the value of "the conversation" for me.  For most of my friends and family, the conversation is on Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter.  Since that is the case for me, Google+ is like talking to myself, in a weird room where only Robert Scoble and Bill Gross post.  Good stuff though for what it's worth.  The most valuable thing for me so far has been Google+ contact integration in Android and hangouts.

Hangouts are a really good collaboration tool and to me it kicks the shit out of Skype.  When I have to talk to more than one person I always use Hangouts.

Google came out with a new iPad version of Google+ today and while it looks great and does all the stuff you would expect of a higher end tablet application, it is Hangouts that has me excited.  We did a 3 way conference call at work this afternoon and it was amazing.  The iPad seamlessly handled all the audio and video and was drop dead simple to use.  The best part for me was the nice switching between the various speakers during the conversation.  If you do remote collaboration and have an iPad I would highly recommend using it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Things I Am Using

Started using two new applications in the last couple of days and thought it might be fun to share some of the stuff I have been playing with that is new/cool.

Voxer - I had this on my tech to do list for a long time but couldn't really figure out why I would want to use Push To Talk Technology (PTT).  One of the fantasy football leagues I am in insisted that we all use it so I signed up and overnight had something like 70 messages where two guys were going back and forth about how awesome they are and then talked about all kinds of nonsense.  You have to love starting out with Spam.  Aside from that though, it is a really cool tool for doing asynchronous group messaging and once we get the other guys to figure it out I am sure it will be frequently used.

Google Drive - Saw the Fred Wilson post on Dropbox vs. Drive and installed the Mac client.  So now I have Dropbox, Drive and Pogoplug.  Interestingly Pogoplug is the only one that I think really helps me with anything as the others have such a small size ( 5 gigs) and the main use for me is to do things like archive photos and movies which require 10s of gig.

Waze - Waze rules.  I am not even going to tell you what it is, you just have to get it.  There.  Just kididing.  Waze is a crowd sourced navigation tool that does really cool stuff like tell you where the cops are and where there are accidents etc.  The speed trap finding capabilities and the smart traffic routing when you are driving in places like LA make this a very frequently used app for me.