Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Summer Thoughts

I was driving home down the coast the other day and I realized that I am somewhere on the other side of summer, well past the half way point but still somewhere in that place that I love about Southern California. And I realized that I haven't really taken the time to stop and enjoy this bit of time.

The last two to three months have been nothing but crazy and I am longing for a quick break that isn't coming anytime soon.

I then stopped and realized a couple of things.

My wife has been really slammed the last several months as she has returned to work and is still maxed out with the triplets. She is amazing.

The triplets have become increasingly easy, although that is almost a joke to say when you consider how many little creatures they are and how quickly they are developing.

My oldest son is now a school kid. And he has been playing pee wee sports, which is really funny and really cool.

I have been dying to write things in my blog out of a compulsive need to keep up my frequency of posting, but doing this has only resulted in a number of posts that when I look back on them aren't the type of things I expected to write about when I began. I guess I need to be patient and know that it's ok to not write stuff, especially if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, i.e. frequency over quality.

I am at that interesting cross roads in a company where you move from hard core startup to quickly growing company, which is simply amazing when I reflect on how far we have come and where we plan on going.

I am on the road all of the time, and although it is going really well and I am really excited about what we are working on, its a delicate balance to make it all work.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that, things are good yet very busy, and I am both happy and thankful for where things stand today. I don't expect to be blogging as frequently as we really start to do some heavy lifting, but when I do blog, hopefully it will be better than the last couple of months.

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