Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Venice Project

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for someone to help us with something technical and I thought of our friend Sander who I figured would be bored now that Divx had gone public. Clearly he was bored because he had already departed and began work on The Venice Project.

It sounds like a really cool effort given the pedigree of the various players (here is a Business Week link). If you don't want to follow the link then know that their previous projects include the companies behind Kazaa and Skype. Sander is really smart and I am sure it will be a great ride.

To my surprise last night I got a beta invite and started playing around this AM. There is a non-disclosure associated with the account so I can't say much until I am told explicitly otherwise but I recommend going to the site to sign up for the beta. I think this is going to be pretty cool.


Matt said...

your cleared blog

check out the post on the beta test main page ;)...

galit ashkenazi said...

This sounds interesting indeed.

If you can spare an invitation, please:

I wish you could write more about it.

z999 said...

PLEASE send me an invitation man i'm searching now for an invitation and I found you so plz send me one to

Anonymous said...

Hi Derrick

am not sure if u still got spare invitation for "Venice" testing, if so, i would konw how's your experience with "venice" sweet heart? :)
am in China now,and am a big netpal and fan of P2P & skype, i found that there's still no one gained the testing opportunity in China like u, so that would
be really great if i could have a token for invitation of "venice" baby, thanks a lot in advance. really looking forward for ur reply.
maybe just sharing bit more ur experiences about "venice"
Have a nice Christmas :)

my mail:


weiguang li - China

Anonymous said...

I'm from Slovak Republic. I'm experienced user, programmer and could be a good beta tester. Please send me invitation token, if it possible.
Thank You very much (pokusman @ gmail . com)

Anonymous said...

I've signed up for the beta program and am still awaiting my invite which seems along time coming :-( So would love a token if you have one to spare. Cheers

John said...

Are there tokens (invites) left for joost (former known as The Venice project)?? Please sent one to:! I would be delighted!!