Thursday, December 02, 2004

What is Moblogging? Postscript

Ok, I expect that this will be a typo filled post as I don't think the spellchecker will work on the handset but maybe.

So my contention has been that mobile blogging will be a different experience than normal blogging. I still think that this is what will occur, but I write this post using my Sony Ericsson P910 and my Stowaway keyboard. With this configuration, I have a replacement for my laptop. I am using Opera to look at websites, and my email client works like a Blackberry. All this while riding the train.

In addition to this I am posting occasional pictures and comments to flickr for cross posting later today.

I don't think there is much of a near term likelihood of normal people using this kind of configuration anytime soon. To me, the short text or picture type messages are more in line with 'mobile blogging' than using this kind of configuration to do my 'normal blogging. Anyway, that's my opinion.

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