Friday, February 10, 2006

Peter Raises a Good Point. Ping Servers and Technorati

Peter followed up on my post and highlighted something that I didn't think of, the impact on the ping servers when all the Myspace users pages start slamming the blogosphere. That would be huge! Hey Sifry, when are you going to add Myspace to Technorati?

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Peter said...

Someone like Sifry or Gershman or Wyman would be able to answer this question better, but....

I think it is necessary for myspace to ping a ping server to notify when a new blog post is published or updated on myspace. Otherwise, they have no way of knowing when a post is updated. They could, of course, crawl myspace, but I'd imagine that would be even more resource intensive for both parties. Not sure if myspace would allow it or if any of the blog search engines could handle it. Some of them don't even have crawler technology built.

So, given this issue: Myspace really hasn't entered the blogosphere.