Monday, June 11, 2007

Marc Andreessen Blog & GoMo News

Over this last weekend I was turned on to two new blogs that I want to pass on. First, Marc Andreessen from web browser fame started a blog. It is a great collection of posts about technology, VCs and personal productivity. I'd say it is a definite subscribe given the quality of his first several posts.

The second one is GoMo News which describes itself as Edgy Wireless News. Debi Jones turned me onto it during a conversation where I lamented the shortage of good wireless blogs, or rather new voices. There are in fact a good number of mobile bloggers ala the Mobile Carnival ring, but it seems like there aren't a whole lot of new faces posting these days. Maybe they are working on companies...In any case GoMo looks promising as they are kind of irreverent and we even got singled out as a potential bubble company. Thanks guys!


bena roberts said...

Hello - thanks for your nice words about our edgy daily blog often descibed as our surrogate baby... GoMo News!
I met a lovely lady at MEM07 - it must be Debi Jones - so thanks both of you.
blog on!

Josh said...

With respect to Marc's productivity article, I really liked the 3 lists approach he advocates. I started out doing it in notepad, but that quickly because cumbersome. I wrote a small program to help keep track of it. It's free to download and use forever. It runs on Windows. Here's the link:

If anyone has any suggestions, comments or ideas please don't hesitate to email me.