Monday, May 17, 2004

Mormon Temples

I attended a wedding of a friend this weekend in Park City, Utah. I don't recall ever spending anytime in Utah as my childhood recollections of passing through there reminded me of a really ugly and hot version of the area where I grew up, Rialto, California. Not that Rialto was less hot or ugly, more that it was just the same.

As an adult I was surprised that it didn't look as bad this time around. What I found even more surprising was how beautiful Park City is.

The wedding was great and lots of fun. On the way back we had some extra time so I stopped by to get a peek at the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City

Unfortunately it wasn't night, so it wasn't as impressive to me. I am amazed at how this religion is the fastest growing in the world.

I think that the Mormon temple in La Jolla is much more impressive.

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