Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Open Source CMS

I went to work at MP3.com in July of 1999. It was a great experience. Back then, we had to build all kinds of stuff to be able to host all of the content of the artists who posted their songs on MP3.com. After I left in April of last year I was working on a TV Pilot idea with a couple of friends called Low Def TV. We sent out a select number of DVD's to people and hopefully some day, it will get picked up by the likes of a Fuse or MTV, etc.

Anyway that wasn't the point of the post. When we set out to do the show we knew we didn't want it to be a web show, but we knew that we wanted a marketing presence online to help drive content for the show. When I thought about putting up a site I was concerned that it would be too expensive given what we budgeted for the show. Dan O'Neill, my buddy from MP3.com pointed me in the direction of WebGUI.

I instantly became a fan of open source content management. It is amazing what you can do with open source content management and its even more amazing how fast it is growing. I would check out CMS Matrix if you are interested in what is out there. If you are considering putting something up that is powerful and easy to maintain I would consider this as a first option.

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marissa said...

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