Friday, May 06, 2005


Unmediated had an article the other day about a new service called Cellphedia. It sounded interesting to me as it has some of the attributes that we think are found in Rabble. I signed up for it. The process goes something like this. You sign up for the service. You pick several categories of expertise to answer questions. You set a limit to the number of SMS inquiries you will get a day.

Seemed easy enough. The first day I got two messages that I didn't have time to respond to.

The second day I received 5. This wasn't so bad, except, two of them came across as MMS messages. You know, MMS like $.25 a message. Boy that ticks me off. So let me get this straight. I offer help to the 'community' and for the 'privilege' I get to pay to see the questions and possibly respond. No thanks. Sorry. My unlimited SMS subscription meant that you are taking a small slice of my time. The MMS meant you were ripping me off.

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Wired Dude Dave said...

So you expand their encyclopedia on your dime? That does sound strange!