Monday, May 16, 2005

Gardening Thoughts - Heirloom Tomatoes

For Mother's day last weekend, Tate and I planted a garden. We had a section of the backyard that wasn't doing much of anything so Jess had a terraced section put in to set up a pretty good sized garden. Back in my early 20s I tried my hand at growing some things and found that when I didn't kill the plants I enjoyed spending a little bit of time doing the gardening thing.

Our local market has an awesome selection of heirloom tomatoes in the summer but they usually have a pretty obscene price tag. So I decided to dedicate a big chunk of space to trying some different heirlooms. We planted Bradywine, Chiant Rose, German Green, Yellow Pear and a couple of others. I'll put some pics up later if I manage to get the to grow. If I get it even close to working I expect to have some really tasty treats this summer.

The interesting thing with this is how we as a consumer society have gone from variety to mass homogenization back to variety. We have bred the flavor out of food to make sure that they are exactly the right size and last the perfect amount of time, and look what we think they should look like. When you contrast that with the bizarre shape of heirlooms complete with imperfections and a flavor that can't be beat, I'll take the weird ones everyday. Same with my music, same with my media.

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