Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gnomedex Day 1 Wrap

The afternoon sessions were really good for me and several things were of particular interest.

Steve Rubel lead a session on marketing and PR that was definitely enjoyable. The highlight to me was a discussion on blogging about toilet paper which Steve made light of but the audience came back at him on the topic including Werner Vogels who said there are tons of reviews on Amazon of products. Ok. Toilet paper? I think the point was good though.

Marc Canter talked about open source and our right to take our data where we want when we go from one site to the next. We totally buy into that as we have extended our support of a ton of different APIs. We need to get our API out there for anyone to develop against...

Marc is a nut. It's been fun seeing him in action.

Susan Mernit, whose blog I enjoy, led a session around sex and real life blogging. Although the topic is certainly worth a good discussion, I would venture that the audience lacked the diversity to really do the topic justice. As some other people posted elsewhere, it just felt out of place. Nevertheless, Susan did a great job with a difficult topic.

I skipped the Bloglines commercial piece although I am a devoted Bloglines user. That one wasn't working for me.

Steve Gilmor was amazing. His discussion of Attention Trust was profound. I want to post something about that later today hopefully.

The dinner and party were nice with lots of socializing opportunities but ultimately the long day had me back at the hotel kind of early. I am looking forward to several things today but may try to get home a little earlier than planned.

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