Thursday, June 23, 2005

AMP Relaunch

AMP RelaunchAs I alluded to in my last podcast there was a bit of a separation of some of the early members of AMP ( " " Association of Music Podcasting a ) as there were some personality conflicts and the normal crap you get in a fledgling organization. I am still a fan of those who left and I think for their own in idual reasons it made sense in each case and I completely understand and support their decisions. Part of that separation resulted in a change of technical responsibilities that necessitated a dormant period on the AMP site.

Well no more. Please come by and check out the almost 40 awesome music podcasts covering just about every genre and style from all over the world. We have a lot of awesome deals in the hopper and expect to be making a lot of noise really soon.

If you are a podcast fan and want to see THE music place for podcasting, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.,

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