Tuesday, June 28, 2005

iTunes Podcasting support

I downloaded the new version today. The flavor of the podcast directory is decidedly Adam Curry and general commercial like BBC etc. As someone into music podcasting I was bummed to see there were only 17 music shows. Accident Hash, from CC Chapman who is heading up the Podshow Music network makes sense as he is an early player and has a good show. The Biddies? Yuck. But that's my opinion. Coverville? A good show but a serious lawsuit waiting to happen. I can't believe that Apple has that one in there. They should talk to their lawyers...


Brooklyn Bluesman said...

Join the crowd. Maybe it's unintentional and the Apple engineers had to have something ready by such and such a time or else. Maybe Podshow is exercising it's influence with the Apple gang. I think probably the former. In any case, I think this initial release with all the Podshow shows listed and al ot of IPodder.org listed shows left out is going to generate a lot of ill will in the community.

I can hear a lot of people going,"I told you so!" Hopefully, we'll all be included in the directory before long. In the meantime, you can tell listeners to your podcast to click on the advanced menu and then load the feed url in the old fashioned way.

Keep up the great show!

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