Thursday, November 17, 2005

Almost 40

When I turned 31 my wife immediately started telling me that I was almost 40. Each year I had to protest that she was unreasonably aging me and that revenge would be sweet as two can play that game. Well today I turned 39. At last I have to concede that I will soon be turning 40. Sigh. 38 has been an interesting. Triplets, a new company, raising money etc. I suspect that 39 will be as interesting as 38 and frankly my entire 30s have been.

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Anonymous said...

Hey D-man, Happy Birthday (a day late). I feel the same about turning 39 (in March next year) as I did about turning 29. The flip over to the next decade is terrifying until it happens--then you realize that life gets better as you build on your past accomplishments and resources. If that doesn't help, just remember that 40 is the new 30!!
--Ned in Montana, lovin' life...