Thursday, November 17, 2005

Team Building at Intercasting

You don't create the platform to enable the intersection of user generated content and personal media devices without a strong team. We have been slowly building up the team at Intercasting and wanted to say a little bit about that.

Next week we have two new additions to what we think is a strong and impressive team that we have already assembled.

About a year or so ago I began a conversation with Debi Jones who happened to share a lot of similar interests with us as it relates to mobile blogging and social media. Our conversations were interesting and insightful and this ultimately led to a broader conversation that culminated in her joining us starting next week. We think she is going to bring some great insights to the foundations we have established and look forward to her ideas finding their way into Rabble as well as our other products currently in development.

Our other new hire starting this week is a quiet giant who I have had the pleasure to know since 1999. John Hardin is one of the brightest people I met during my time at Although we had an impressive number of amazingly smart engineers, John was among the cream of the crop who is widely respected among his peers here in town. John played a variety of roles at including playing a part in the core team that developed My.Mp3. We recently plucked John from Napster where he was one of the top developers within the company. If you are going to build a strong platform for user published content, few people have the type of experience that John has given his experience in media serving and content management.

They join an assortment of other strong players including Deborah Critten, who oversaw our interactions with the labels at, ran our community efforts, and managed our most significant relationship with luxury brands company LVMH during the entire life of our deal with them.

On the technology side John will be joining a strong group of developers and some expected additions who will help to realize our vision of Intercasting on a handset near you. Stay tuned.


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