Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Podcaster Con

I am leading a session on copyright law and podcasting at Podcastercon in early January. Here is the session description.

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QuiQue said...


I will be attending the conference and had a question that I hope you may be able to address at the conference. I recently started doing podcasts and ran into a snafu recently. I was interviewing a lady for the podcast and after the recording session was over, she had second thoughts about allowing the podcast to be published. I told her I would edit the content to remove any offensive material she did not like and after spending seven hours editing the podcast, I sent it to her for her review.

Well, she still has issues with it! She tells me she will listen to the podcast and make notes, but will take another week before she will get back to me on the changes she is desiring to have. Now, the question is, who owns the copyright on the recording? Do I own it since I am the producer of the podcast? Can I do what I wish with the podcast? Or does she own the content and can control the publishing of the podcast?

I hope you can take a look at this and maybe address it during the podcastercon.