Tuesday, January 03, 2006

CPM Based Advertising in Podcasts

Paul Colligan wrote this post in response to some Adam Curry comments about avoiding CPM based advertising in podcasting. I can't agree more. How would an advertiser know that they are truly getting value from a purely impression based medium. I think that advertisers should pay for performance. Sure it's great if a million people download my podcast, but what if none of them come to the website to buy my product. Now clicks, I'll pay for that. :-)

The challenge with podcasting is that it is today a small medium. Of course it doesn't want to move to a CPM based model because it doesn't have enough advertising units to support itself. If we apply the Google/Overture performance based structure then it gets worse.

A move to sponsorship model makes sense if the sponsor feels they are getting value and would be in line with the old "soap" sponsorships of days gone by.

Or you could do it because you love it.

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