Friday, January 13, 2006

Shozu thoughts

I was playing around yesterday with Shozu. Shozu is a mobile application that allows you to mass upload picture from your mobile to the web. The application is very cool in that it doesn't really feel like an application as much as it is more similar to an overlay on the Symbian OS that interfaces with your media.

It took me a day or two to figure out how to grant permissions to Shozu to use my GPRS network. Once I did, I accidentally began an upload of 160+ photos to Flickr. I managed to stop it about halfway through the process but not before knocking most of the relevant user photos for my friends and family way off the first several pages. Oops.

So for the most part a really cool application. One MAJOR pet peeve though. The application tagged all of my photos with the ShoZu tag. Not a problem, I will just go into Flickr and delete that. I can't! That sucks. I need to send an email to customer service.


Andy said...

Thanks for the feedback. We're aware that some ShoZu users don't like the ShoZu tag, and there's already an internal debate at Cognima about whether we should allow users to opt out. The idea of the tag is to help promote ShoZu, but the counter argument is that some people are turned off by this.

I must admit I didn't appreciate that there is no batch operation to remove a tag on Flickr until I tried it just now - looks like you have to remove the ShoZu tag for each photo individually. I'll add this point into the debate at Cognima.

Otherwise, thanks for your kind comments.

Andy Tiller
CTO, Cognima (creators of ShoZu)

Derrick Oien said...


Thanks for the comment. I'd love to see what happens with the tag. We send content from the mobile as well with Rabble and thus far have opted to not include the branding.

Andy said...

I've heard good things about Rabble and would love to try it. Can you say when it will be available in the UK?



Derrick Oien said...

I think probably sometime around the middle of this year.