Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Website

When we went live last summer, we slowly rolled out a website that was used primarily to let our users synchronize their rabble activity with their web activity. In my case that meant importing posts from Blogger like this one into Rabble for other users to see. It also meant taking posts that I create in Rabble and publishing them out to Live Journal and Zoto.

Over the holidays we pushed out a beta website for our mobile users that allows them to pretty much replicate the phone functionality on the web. We designed it primarily for users of the application, rather than to create a web competitor to other websites. Frankly, we think a lot of really great websites do an amazing job on the web and we would rather find ways to partner with them instead of trying to re-create their functionality. We prefer to focus on the mobile aspects. One thing we did do was allow people to view with guest privileges if someone wants to send a post outside of Rabble to their friends or family. So if you don't have a Verizon phone and want a sneak peek at what's going on inside the Rabble world. Click on this link.

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