Monday, January 09, 2006

Podcastercon 2006 - Epilogue

Got back home around mid-day yesterday. I was pretty burned out from the trip as I had a hard time sleeping the whole time on the road. Not really sure why. A couple of thoughts:

1. What a great event. It had a decidedly different feel than the Portable Media Expo. None of the main blogger intelligentsia was there, which I though was actually kind of cool. Not much of a cult of personality was in play. I also thought Brian did an amazing job getting more than 300 people together for a very ad hoc yet effective event. I think the protests that Dave Winer had, and he is entitled to his opinion, were misplaced. It was anything but a commercial conference. It felt like an educational seminar.

2. The session that I led, actually I would say co-led with Chris McDonald, was really well attended and received. I took a long deep breath at the start of what was to be a 2 hour session with the fear that there was no way we would go longer than an hour or so. I couldn't have been more wrong. We had an amazing group gathered together with a variety of opinions and experience coming from podcasting, journalism etc. which made for a lively discussion that was meant to be more informative than scary. I know that Richard/Madge from Yeast Radio thought we were slightly scaring people but that wasn't the intent at all. I think he made it through most of the session but I think he missed the part where we came back to the point that this wasn't meant to scare as much as it was to inform.

3. The after hours hang out was a total blast. Ryan Irelan documented the group of us that hungout afterwards here. There is also a good picture here. I especially enjoyed hanging out with the Libsyn guys who Chris McDonald had carpooled with. I think those guys are doing some great work and wish them a ton of success.

Chris recorded our session and as soon as I track it down I will stick it up on my server on Acme.

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