Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cyworld US Launching Next Week?

I have been receiving a number of hits to my blog with people searching for Cyworld US. A quick review of the site I mentioned before reveals the following on the about us page. If this is right Cyworld US is coming on April 2. This is terribly close to April fools day so I could be wrong, but I didn't make the site, they did. :-)


Jamescoops said...

Should be possible for them to launch by April 2 - you'll notice that the US front-end seems to already be largely built out e.g. the mini-home page editor etc

Not sure about the tone of the site - seems a bit cutesy - I think they need to localise a bit more.

Anonymous said...

do you have any new info on when its going to be up? i am checking the site hourly.. and hoping for it to be open soon. lemme know if you have any new info..

mchummer said...

Cyworld Lands on MySpace