Thursday, June 15, 2006

Linkedin, Zero Degrees & Plaxo

I hadn't had my coffee the other day and I received an email from Linkedin saying they had a new Outlook 2.0 plugin available. Possessed by something I can't explain I took a flyer and downloaded the plugin. I hit the install button and panicked, realizing that I may have just unleashed some spam monster to the 1500+ people in my contact list ala Zero Degrees. By the way what happened to them? I digress...

The plugin is actually pretty cool. I don't intend to do a review but I realized that Linkedin was taking a decidedly different approach than Plaxo, which is an application I am not fond of. Where Plaxo takes the approach of periodically pinging your contacts with a request for them to stop what they are doing and update their information, Linkedin has the opportunity to essentially create an RSS style subscription where those who happen to subscribe to my Linkedin account get an update when I change it. An added bonus is that I can see other users who may not be in my Linkedin network who also use Linkedin. Its a much softer approach than Plaxo which I think has done a great deal of damage to their reputation with those of us who resent the interruption in a mechanical way.

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