Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summer Conferences

I don't go to a lot of conferences. We go to the wireless ones. Like CTIA twice a year. I like to go to certain ones that I am interested in like Bloggercon. Unfortunately not this year. Dave scheduled it after a bunch of other conferences were set up and I can't afford too much time away from the home office. I am bummed to miss Bloggercon as I found the last one very rewarding. Most important to me Gnomedex. I have watched over the last several years how everyone gushes about going to Gnomedex so this year I registered immediately sometime back in January. I am very pumped to go and ran into some people yesterday who were talking about it and asked me if I was going. So the answer is yes. I am looking very forward to it. So if you are some of the few people who aren't my friends or family who read this blog and you happen to be going to Gnomedex, drop me an email and lets grab a beer.

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