Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Sound of Silence

Back at the end of May, one of the guys who works at Digital Chocolate wrote this piece about the dilema's of corporate blogging. In it he cited me as one of the people at a company who blogs about the industry and I assume he also meant that I manage to keep some balance between trade secrets etc.

While to some extent that is true there are certainly a lot of things that I would like to write about that I can't. In fact increasingly that is the case. Although I have a broad range of interests that hopefully is interesting for people to read periodically, the most interesting, insightful things that I can discuss or say are things I can't really talk about. The biggest problem with that is that I would like at least remember times like I am having now. There are lots of interesting things going on that I would like to memorialize that I wont be able to do. That's too bad.

I think that as more of the corporate bloggers like Scoble and others go into startups or innovative technology, that they will find that what they can talk about constantly decreases.

Ah to be a pundit without a company to run. That is something I will aspire to in between this and the next company. Although I don't suspect that this will occur anytime soon.

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