Thursday, November 16, 2006

Birthday presents

So tomorrow is my birthday. More on that later. What to get for my birthday as this is a special birthday? It seemed like destiny to me that the launch of the Playstation 3 on my birthday was an omen that I should get one. What a slick device! Unfortunately Tate has shown an acute interest in video games to the point that my outright purchasing one is verboten. Maybe Sony could send me one to test out? That would be hard to pass up...

So, since a new gaming machine in a house of four kids is out of the question I am putting my order in this morning for this other Sony product, the P990. I can't wait.


Wired Dude Dave said...

Wow! Another reason to have LFTV!

"Sony Ericsson is to ship a version of Sony's LocationFree TV-over-the-net software for its P990i 3G UMTS-equipped smart phone, the handset maker said today."

Wired Dude Dave said...

BTW, happy B-day man! :)