Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Corporate Branding

When we started Intercasting, one of the core concepts that we embraced was populist media. When we started work on corporate identity and branding we wanted something sort of nationalistic and iconic. Ultimately a lot of the look and feel came out as what I would call friendly nationalistic.

I was in a meeting today and when I returned to the office one of the guys had posted this image on my door. I think it is awesome and I wanted to share.


Matt Galligan said...

HA! That's hilarious...your office was awesome with all those posters...when I visited, but this easily takes the cake...

Nathan said...

Awesome. And I love the posters in the office. That is such a great style. I have a company I run on the side and when I was creating the logo, I looked to similar influences to create it. This was my end result:


which was based on this now defunct foreign government: