Thursday, November 16, 2006

Derrick 4.0

So tomorrow I turn 40. Today it doesn't seem like a big deal. A couple of months ago though 40 got into my head. I spent a bit of time thinking about my accomplishments or lack thereof. I also spent a lot of time thinking about my family and my health. I found it to be an interesting period of self reflection and pausing. All in all I think it was a good thing and I think having gone through that time period makes the actual date something that isn't necessarily all that remarkable relative to the years of things that have transpired in your life.

Derrick 2.0 was a time that was kind of wild and a lot of fun. I spent most of that decade working for studios, learning how to manage people, and starting on the journey of life with my wife Jessica. Derrick 2.0 was a total blast. I had an earring. I liked to hike a ton. I listened to loud aggressive music. I was clearly doing as much as possible to not grow up but also was trying to savor the flavor of life which is your 20s.

Derrick 3.0 was about growth. Big time growth. As much as the first 20 years of my life seemed to pass in a blip, the last 10 years feel like 25, and I think that is a good thing. My personal life has been blessed with a wonderful relationship with my wife that has stood the test of time. And I am not talking like 2-5 years time, I am talking 10+ years of time. I have been blessed with a gigantic family of four healthy kids. I have been given the opportunity to grow professionally in so many ways. I have worked in a startup, created a startup, been an officer of a public company, helped to sell that company to a media giant, and have been able to work in a field of business that I find rewarding, dynamic and challenging. Not many people have the opportunity to say that. I have loved Derrick 3.0. In some ways I am going to miss it a ton. Besides the family and professional aspects the friendships I have grown have been just amazing and something I treasure deeply.

So tomorrow I start Derrick 4.0. It may not have the rounded edges, the glossy look, the soft colors, or the mirror reflection of Derrick 3.0, but I have a sense that as fondly as I looked back on my 20s while in my 30s, I am certain I will also reflect on the 30s with a greater sense of understanding, compassion, and a desire to better myself and those around me. And I know at this point that in general those reassuring words of others who have crossed over to the other side of 40 must surely be true and that other than some aches and pains, the 40s are also a lot of fun.


J Shugars said...

Hey man...happy birthday. It's not every day someone turns 40, despite advances in modern medicine and all that. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Never posted a BLOG before but can't think of a better way to wish you a happy 40th bud! Hope to see you all before too long.

T. Ebel

Jessica said...

I love my Derrick version 4.0. Sure version 2.0 was more wild and carefree . . . but we've worked out a lot of bugs since then . . . and each version just keeps getting better and better!

Happy 40th Birthday!

I love you - Jessica

Suntanner's Blog said...


Happy 40th! I will not make any age jokes, because I will be 40 in July. Let me know how it is:) You look great and you've accomplished so much. Have a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Dear "WGN" (as in World's Greatest Nephew) -- And you THOUGHT they were taking you seriously when you hit your 30s... mmmmHEH! Happy Birthday! Also, don't sweat that you're turning 40...because in reality, one year ago Saturday, you were actually entering your 40th Year on the Planet. see...this 40 thing? You already started doing it the day after you turned 39. Think about it...and then go over to a chalk board and drag your fingernails down it... PEACE OUT. With Love, "WGA" (as in World's Greatest Aunt) Mare BTW -- you are SO going to TOTALLY DIG, BIG TIME, what you are getting via Fed Ex from Minni today, darling!!!

rachael Warner said...

HAAAAAPPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY FROM YOUR SISTER-IN-LAW AND BROKE PHOTOGRAPHER IN NYC RACHAEL!!!!!!! Wish I were there to celebrate with you!!!! HAPPY 40th Der!!!!!! xox - Rach

nomad66 said...

I never would have guessed 40, by the vigrous, robust manner in which you "apply" yourself when I find myself in your company. You're only now hitting your stride. Happy 4.0!

Anonymous said...

Happy 40th! May you crush your enemies and drive them before you so that you may hear the sweet, sweet lamentation of the women!, of course, I'm talking about AFTER you get a PS3.

You - remarkably well-preserved and all. Me - still unable to grow sideburns and looking like a permanently hung-over live-action version of Doc Venture. I may have to decide to hate you. Bah! Happy birthday, I guess.

nodegard said...

I would have never guessed by your young look that you were turning 40. Turning 40 is ancient to my students but turning 100 is ancient to me. We are only as old as we want to feel and think. With your busy life you will be young forever. We here in Minnesota want to wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have a wonderful event filled day- Tom, Nicole, Jacob and Jadyn

Anonymous said...

Big healthy family, yes! Savor it and have a great birthday! Don't focus too much on the date, there are too many other things to focus on.


seamont said...

I must say you look pretty good at 4.0. You can clearly handle 'welcome margaritas' better than I (at 4.0.2). Don't let your guard down, it only gets tougher :)

All kiding aside, we both wish you a very happy b'day and many more. Chris & Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Wish you amd your family well,dear friend!

Anonymous said...

It's been fun hanging with you over the past couple of years. You guys are my second family!!! Hope version 4.0 provides you with everything you wish for. Cheers!

Lots of love,
Tina, Pat and Cooper

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Derrick
As you know, you are on my very short list of Best husband and dad. Thank you for letting me be part of your family memories. Drink a great bottle of wine and enjoy some of your stinky cheeses to celebate the big day.
"the best is yet to be"
your doula,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Hope your 4.0 is as rewarding, and provides as many new experiences and growth as 2.0 and 3.0 have. And 5.0 sounds like a good time for you to start the Moderate Party.


P.S. Get the Playstation 3 in your office.

(My first blog!)

Anonymous said...


Happy 40th! Congratulations on all that's come before and looking forward to versions 5.0 and beyond!


deborah said...

Happy Birthday to you! Here's to the fabulous forties. Enjoy the day with family and friends and celebrate - you deserve it! cheers, deborah, mike & finn

Brett said...

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday Derrick 4.0 happy birthday to you

Nice. Jess better get you a damn good gift. Maybe another kid? Maybe 4 puppies? Maybe one of these: (watch the video -- it is great).


Kristie said...

Happy birthday Derrick - have a great day, weekend, actually, make it a great year! xo Kristie, Spike, Jake and Chloe

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Derrick! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your adorable family!

Cathy, Dan and Kaia

Anonymous said...

Derrick- Happy 40th. Congrats on all you've accomplished- both personally and professionally. Have a great birthday.

-mike & jess

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Should be in Vegas for this one.

Russ and Val Schumacher

Anonymous said...

Happy 40th, Derrick, I hope you have a great one. Looking forward to celebrating your birthday properly (at a later date, of course) perhaps in SD, over here to Europe or some place in between.

Enjoy 4.0 - Pam

Mike said...

Yo Brikman-
Welcome to the fun forties! Hope you, Jess and the family enjoy your birthday. Sorry we missed you when you were up here this week. Let me know when you are going to be in the area again.

Big J says that he is coming home for Christmas, because his dad is selling his house & J never moved out.... Will try to hook up with him.

Happy 4.0, little bro!

Mike & Mayumi

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Derrick!! We only get better and better with age. Have a great birthday.
Love, Paula, Matt and Natalie

Auntie Becky said...

Happy-B version 4.0 Derrick, Welcome to the grown-up's not so's just a number sweeti...I mentally think I am 29...(you might want to try this if 4.0 gets depressing..other wise just go for the Meds)..I love your Blog and YOU! Proud Auntie Becky

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club.
Lemme know if you need to borrow my hearing aid.

Anonymous said...

Derrick 4.0, huh. I clearly remember Derrick 1.0, or was it the beta version... My how you've changed. Can't wait to catch up. So much has changed since those days in the basement. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Have a glass of wine to celebrate! Hope to see you all sometime when we visit family in Carlsbad. Bella sends a big hug to Tate.
North, Dennis, Bella & Fraser.

Meredith said...

Wo, this blog is pretty funny. I can appreciate it. With all love, I tell you, you may just be more of a computer geek than my husband! But with kidding aside, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's great seeing you at church. Don't sweat 40 too much; it's all a state of mind. The four stooges will keep you young (or uh age you very fast!) hee hee. Hope to hang with you all soon! Meredith Grueskin (Tom, Birgen, Zuzu and Race Rocket)

Alexis said...

Hey Uncle Derrick! Happy Birthday:)
I hope you have a greaat week and I can't wait to see you guys.
Love your Niece Alexis :)

tim erdmann said...

Happy Birthday, man.

4.0 - That's a major release.

Anonymous said...

Hi Derrick!

Gosh we wish we were there to wish you a happy 4.0 in person!(seriously, we live in Boise,Idaho now for crying out loud!):) What a great reflection on what a fantastic journey you've had thus far. Thanks for sharing that and we hope 4.0 proves to be just as exciting, productive and full of friendship and love as the past versions.
Have a great birthday!!!

Your friends,
The Butlers

PS Maybe it's time to break out that earring again, eh?

Steve Wasson said...

Derrick - We hope you have a great 4.0! Carrie and I think of you and Jessica often as our multiple birth counter parts. I know I feel like I've hit 5.0 with the twins just now 2 and their three-year-old sister dancing around.

Make it a great one.
The Wasson's

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Derrick! At my age (5.675), 4.0 looks really good. It's great that you can look back and "connect the dots" from your life experiance between 2.0 & 4.0. You've only just begun, my friend. There is no greater joy than the love from your wife and children. You are truly blessed and I'm proud to be your friend!

Roger Noel

Anonymous said...

Hey Derrick,
I have never blogged before but i guess there is a first time for everything. I just wanted to say that happy birthday. I have only known the derrick 3.0, reading your blog has helped me know the derrick 2.0, and 4.0. I can only hope that my life will be as fulfilling as yours has. I wish you a very Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart, and many more to come. alwayz,
taline said...

hey derrick,
happy birthday, may the next 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, and so on be as fun filled, as the first years. alwayz,

LarryO said...

Guess I gotta return that Wii bought for your birthday... oh well. Regardless, screw 40, its only is a number of significance to lesser men.

Wishing all the best to you and yours,


Anonymous said...

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-Kerri Kelly & Matthew Walsh

Shari & Anthony Ellertson said...

Derrick - Happy 40th! Hope you enjoyed the day and will continue celebrating all year long.

Let us know when you make your next Midwest hop -- it would be great to have you stop in WI and speak to our students.

Anthony & Shari

Anonymous said...

These #@!7 KIDS! 40, so big deal. You just wait, wait until you're 60!

Why, in my day.......