Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Photostream Noise

On President's day Jessica and I locked ourselves up in our office at home and cleaned it. I had turned the closet into a rats nest of books, technology parts, and old tapes, betacams, DV tapes etc. from the TV show I worked on. Cleaning the room had been a nagging to do that fortunately we both agreed to sit down and power through.

One of the best by products of that was the discovery of a bunch of photos that had been put away that I had been looking for that chronicles some of my adventures pre-marriage and in early marriage. So rather than risk losing them I piled a big stack on my desk at work and every so often I scan another one. Periodically I dump them to Flick.

I realize that fortunately for me and my generation Myspace wasn't around or there would be a bunch of embarrassing pictures we would have to explain. I don't want to edit too much but alas there are a couple that wont make it up but certainly there are some funny ones. Excuse the personal flashback. Hopefully there are some good laughs that need no explaining.

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