Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentines Blizzard

The video below is a picture I shot from the backseat of a car that I was being driven in from Philadelphia to a small town about an hour away. My driver was a very interesting Russian guy who would only take cash. Enough said.

I had flown into Philly with the intention of driving to my meeting and then continuing on to Manhattan for several other meetings. Yeah right. I arrived about the same time as a most interesting winter storm that ultimately shut down much of Pennsylvania. I ultimately made the decision to have a local drive me as the roads were in fact super scary. The video was taken while I was following a caravan of 4 snow plows on a semi rural road. While it was a terrible storm, it was pretty cool to see rural Pennsylvania covered in snow.

So after some cars, trains and subways I arrived in Manhattan to probably the grossest conditions I have ever experienced in NYC. I have to confess that I am weather sissy and am really glad to be back on the west coast.

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