Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rabble Wap

Sometime last summer we rolled out a read only version of WAP kind of as an afterthought at the time but primarily to look at offdeck conversion opportunities. In addition to the read only Rabble site we also experimented with some promotions with big artists at and were toying with some indie artist stuff at

So early this week we rolled out a full WAP version that can do just about everything our thick client can do within the limitations of WAP. You can check it out at We are pretty proud of how well we have been able to capture the look and feel of the Rabble 2.0 client. A couple of caveats. First, we haven't rolled out international registration yet. It shouldn't be too far off but we made the choice to get something live sooner rather than later. Second, there are some style improvements we will roll out shortly as well.

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