Monday, April 03, 2006

Eventful Part 2

Thanks to Brian and the crew at Eventful for pushing out the second part of the Rabble/Eventful integration. What do you mean part two? Well here are a couple of examples:

I am at work getting ready for CTIA. I go to Eventful to find out if they have an entry for CTIA. They do, it is here. On the description on the upper right hand side there is a drop down button that says Add to /Remove from a group or Calendar. You press the link. There is an Export this Event to: Rabble. Nice. If you are set up, then this event is published to your Rabble Channel. Other users of Rabble can see this event on your channel but more importantly, other users will now be able to see that event if they happen to be in the Las Vegas area.

Two weeks from now I am in NYC. I am sure one night will be free to I check out concerts in NYC. A quick scan shows that The Matchbook Romance is playing on the 20th here. Click add to Rabble. I need to remember to grab some tickets.

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