Tuesday, April 11, 2006


This is the week we ritualistically take our clan out to Palm Springs to recharge. I am doing some work but not much.

Getting to Palm Springs involves a trek through the desert to our retreat. On this year's trek I was driving solo in the supplies vehicle and had a lot of time to just listen to music and unwind. For the trip this year my outward journey was highlighted by the following:

The Very Best of the Grateful Dead. A great compilation of Dead hits that reminded me yet again how great they are as a band and how glad I am that I saw them play several times back in the day. The great revelation for me was a quote from Touch of Grey where the lyrics say "It' even worse than it appears" and I had an aha moment when I connected the dots and realized that the header line from Dave Winer's blog Scripting News is that quote. It's funny when you realize things and they color your view. I thought that the headline before was kind of snarky and now realize that its kind of playful.

The Matchbook Romance - Voices. I am still early in my listening of this. I like it but don't have my head around it enough to give a good description.

Scarlet Symphony - Vulture. This is such an amazing CD. I believe they broke up. Such a bummer, I could have sworn they would have been huge. I need to find out what happened. Go find this hard to get CD and be prepared to be BLOWN away.

Mae - The Everglow. I love this CD. It took me just a bit but now I am completely sold. It takes the heart and soul of Dashboard Confessionals combined with Ben Folds Five and creates an instant masterpiece. See them this summer on the Virgin Megatour opening for Yellowcard.

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