Friday, April 28, 2006

Tool is not on Napster or iTunes

While wondering through the Napster site, I saw a really cool banner for the Coachella concert which is in our neck of the woods this weekend. If I didn't have the enormous young family I would either be at Jazzfest in New Orleans or at that concert this weekend. I was even more depressed when I realized that Tool is headlining the show one night. I can't say enough how much I love Tool. I don't know if their new album (the first in like 5 years) is out yet but if not it will be soon. Allmusic had links to samples that I didn't play but a search of both the two above mentioned services not only didn't have the new CD which I would buy right this second, but none of their previous works. That bums me out. Its that sort of thing that keeps a lot of people, certainly not me though, out on the fringes on the illegal services. Come to think of it I think I recall the band not wanting to do the digital thing so at the end of the day that is their right. I as an avid fan have all the CDs, the collection of videos on DVD and I see them each tour. They aren't losing any cash with me.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Tool sell their music on iTunes? I have been waiting forever. I had the full box set but now it is gone. I was hoping to replace it via iTunes but seems that wont ever happen.

Athena said...

If you like Tool, also check Perish Hill at

You will also like his music!!