Thursday, April 20, 2006

Quien es mas macho? Odeo or Podshow

I am an errant podcaster. I haven't done a show in months even though I have a lot of tracks lined up. I just haven't been able to get it together with all the work stuff going on. Today for some bizzaro reason I was doing some Alexa searches on podcasting companies that I believe started with some non-sequitur about traffic on Garageband. I couldn't recall their podcasting initiative and after digging recalled it was Gcast.

I then recalled that I hadn't been paying attention to the two big players in podcasting who raised approximately $9 million each in August or so of last year, Odeo and Podshow. I am a big fan of Odeo but hadn't heard much lately but was very excited to see this Alexa chart showing that in the face of all the satellite radio and Madison avenue style hype, that the Odeo guys are actually moving along quite nicely and quietly and at least according to the oft maligned Alexa, they are in the lead. Good stuff.

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