Friday, January 12, 2007

30 Days of Deletion - Day 2 iLike

Today I came into the office and started ripping out some loud rocking tracks. A little Brand New, a little Coheed and Cambria and a little System of a Down. All the time to the right hand side of my iTunes there is this iLike thing. A couple of months ago a couple of my podcasting buddies sent me invitations to join iLike to see their music selections. I went out and signed up and installed the client. It is pretty cool but since none of my friends are using it, I think it needs to go. If I hear more buzz around this on the scale of or Pandora then I will check it out again. Note my deletion isn't a reflection of the value of the software it is more that this kind of software has value based on the network associated with it. My network isn't so the value is marginal. Delete.

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