Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome 2007

I meant to do a New Years post over the holiday but family obligations made that impossible. Our family had a wonderful time with the occasional rough spots. I think each of us collectively were glad to get back to our respective routines today. Me, I am on an airplane headed to two different cites. Yeah!

So rather than the long post a thought a brief retrospective and some forward looking stuff is in order.

2006 was a year of hard work in all the respective categories. On the family front the kids were very sick for a good chunk of the year with a variety of cough and cold like symptoms (Until mom took them off dairy) and Tate seemed to really enjoy and prosper at school. Jess and I both thought the year was hard but I think we came to the end with a lot of optimism for the coming year. We managed a few family get aways and hope that there will be more in the coming year.

On the personal front I ended up the year weighing less than the previous year although not by much. I have to try to work on that more. I enjoyed a second half of the year that saw me spend a good chunk of my little free time building on my cooking skills and have found that it is a great decompression activity for me a the end of the day and on the weekends when time allows it. I survived turning 40 and was glad that that yearly physical showed improvements in just about every category.

On the business front it was a year of heavy lifting. We developed the second version of our product and quietly worked on a big part of our new strategy that we will unveil early this year. We saw some excellent metrics growth in Rabble in the last quarter of the year and scaled up our team significantly for the hard work ahead.

Across the board 2006 ended with a lot of optimism and knowledge that 2007 can be a great year but that there will be continued hard work to pull all the things together (family, personally, and work).

A big 2006 thanks to my wife who is truly responsible for keeping all the pieces working.

In 2007 I hope to continue my lifelong obsession with technology by dabbling in whatever new stuff comes along. I am certain that on the business side we are looking at a great opportunity we envisioned almost three years ago now and believe that this is the year it all comes together. I hope that personally I get more time with my wife, I have the patience for 3 two year olds at once and continue to give my oldest son all the attention he deserves.

And to you my friends, family and anonymous readers, I hope that 2007 is the best ever for all of you individually.


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