Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tablet Hotels

The good and bad about blogging for almost 3 years is that occasionally you repeat things. So here is one worth repeating. Tablet hotels rocks. I used to stay at The Standard in Los Angeles almost every week while doing a consulting gig. To book a room I had to use Tablet. Tablet is a booking service for a bunch of trendy as well as cheap chic hotels. When we travel for work, Shawn the Starwood whore usually books the rooms as he is super elite and we get some upgrades that make bunking not so bad. When I travel solo, I go with Tablet.

This trip in particular has been a pleasant surprise. I was looking for a room in Manhattan with little notice. Starwood had the Westin and Sheraton and the W Times square at rates from $275 to $375. Not bad. With the exception of the W though there is very little to do or see except the inside of your room. Since it is freezing this is definitely a consideration.

I checked Tablet and found a smoking hot deal on a hotel called the Hotel QT. It is almost across the street from the W and it was like $250 a night. And there is this really funky swimming pool and bar when you walk into the hotel. I will post some pictures on Flickr later which you can see on this page. The rooms are nice, there is free wifi and the hotel is owned by The Standard. I give it two thumbs up.

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