Monday, January 08, 2007

Google Docs

I have been absent from blogging which is pretty normal for me in the transition over a new year. Lots of family time, lots of cleaning. As football season was winding down I wanted to set up some spreadsheets for next year as I have both Keeper and Dynasty leagues which benefit from a little thoughtful planning at the end of the season.

While on the Mac I went to fire up Office and realized that I don't have Mac Office. I do have Parallels with Office on Windows but that seemed like a pain so I decided to venture again into yet another aspect of the Google world, Google Docs.

I signed up quickly and fired up a spreadsheet window. It works! Over a couple of days playing around with it I created something like 6 different spreadsheets and actually shared versions with people remotely. As a fairly extensive spreadsheet user it wasn't as powerful as I would normally require but for student/household/lists it is awesome. I did encounter some connectivity issues that barf the spreadsheet occasionally. I thought that was a pain in the butt but until I figure out if the experience occurs elsewhere I will assume it is my problem with Cox. If you are looking for a quick and dirty spreadsheet tool, I'd say this is a first stop.

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