Monday, April 23, 2007

Location Free Software for the P990.

I did my monthly check for the P990 Location Free player last night around 230 AM and was happy to see that it was finally available. I have been waiting for something like 7 months. I downloaded the SIS and later this AM did the install. Registering my service with the Location Free server took all morning and I was unable to do it as I kept getting a refused to register message from the media server. Grrr. I sent an email to customer support to see if my model of the Location Free device is in fact supported. I am guessing since I have one of the early models they may not support it and I may have to get a new device which is looking like a $199 purchase.

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James said...

Did you ever hear back from Sony? According to information that I've seen posted on other forums, the sis software only works with location free base stations purchased outside the U.S.