Tuesday, April 03, 2007

MR 40

Michael Robertson, who many of his friends refer to as MR, had his 40th birthday party at his ranch east of San Diego this last weekend. It was a complete blast. My pics can be seen on my Flickr page from the pictures below. Do click on the images to read some of the comments and notes. On Saturday I went for a run (which was brutal given the hilly terrain), played tennis with a former MP3.com co-worker and then spent 4 hours playing paintball with a motley crew of executives and other friends of Michael. The paintball games were certainly a highlight for me as I was simply put, a killing machine. I can't recall a time recently where I felt like a child and just literally played all day. It was a really good time. For those MP3.comers who read my blog Michael and Michelle's birthday is tomorrow so send them a birthday hello.

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