Thursday, September 23, 2004

Definition of Moblogging - Take 2

Funny how life presents things to you. This is moblogging to me. Our offices are in what is called the Golden Triangle Area of San Diego. This area is just east of UCSD and encompasses the area known as University Town Center. It's where we are, where used to be, DIVx Networks is here, Linspire, etc.

On my way to work today (late - nanny was sick) traffic was terrible. I didn't know why until I crossed the bridge on Genesee over Interstate 5. This person just missed out on a 40 ft plunge onto the 5 in heavy traffic. I all of a sudden had the presence of mind to grab my cell phone and snap a picture. Of course I would have never written a blog post about this, but in moblogging, its blogging while you live.

Two other important factors. 1. Time is key. This picture will not be as interesting tomorrow. If you are stuck in traffic right now and had an alert, you would be more sympathetic to the reason for the delay. 2. Location is key. If I had the lat and long, you would know to avoid that area like the plague.


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