Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Scoble Overload Quote

I read this article yesterday at Scobleizer mentioning the upcoming session at Blogger Con on Information Overload. It was funny to me to realize in the last 6 months or so, I have adopted RSS and have become way more on top of so many things as a result. The by-product of this is a daily chunk of time that is spent 'staying on top' of the trends du jour. Again, I recommend RSS reading to those who don't do it yet....You will.

So in reading his post I was astounded to see that he reads somewhere north of 900 blogs a day. This got me to thinking, how many do I read? Currently I am reading just over 70. This number is growing, and as he mentioned I clean the list periodically as some go silent or I find that they have too much noise without much sound.

I don't know how this ends up with more and more smart/cool/insightful people embracing blogging, but its my hope that it continues to create a fascinating world of user generated content that stands in stark contrast to what most people have become accustomed to reading/hearing/seeing/playing etc.

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