Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Definition of Moblogging

I read with interest yesterday the post by Dave Winer regarding the definition of moblogging.

I agree with the definition put forth and would add to the thought a bit.

My partners Shawn and Tom worked at/ran Moviso. One of the applications that Moviso rolled out before it was sold to Infospace was Match Mobile. They came away from that experience with the realization that porting internet applications to mobile, doesn't really work in the same way that you would expect on the web. It's similar to the TV to Internet transition. Remember Pathfinder? Putting TV on the Internet wasn't a wild success. The best Internet content is generally created on and for the Internet. I would say the same holds true for mobile, or at least it should.

Moblogging takes the normal experience of publishing/creating content and adds a layer of time and place value that doesn't necessarily exist when I am sitting here typing on my laptop. On my photoblog I have pictures I took just for family, or pictures that I took because I didn't have time to type the information I needed into my cell phone. The mobile part in the last example was purely a method of capturing information for me. Sorry if it didn't help you out. In an LBS world that picture would have informed you that the Lat and Long corresponded to Costco in Carlsbad. Now maybe that information would be more relevant to someone other than me. Maybe not.

I think that the time/place overlay is a key different piece in the moblogging equation that will reveal itself more clearly in the not to distant future. To that end, yes moblogging is what we do when we are away from our normal blogging environment, but there is an element of context that definitely flavors that experience. Take for instance my bluetooth keyboard for my phone....


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