Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My life on Sony

Branding - When I worked at Sony Pictures Studios from 1992 to 1997 (wow 5 years!) I became a big fan of Sony consumer products. We got a really good discount on Sony products and I really fell in love with the brand. Today I have....

4 Sony televisions (1 that is HD)

A Sony Mini CD Stereo

Two Sony Ericsson Phones - A T300 and a T610. They have some issues, but they are my favorite cell phones I have owned. I really need a P900, but can't rationalize the price point, yet.

Sony VHS Deck

Sony DVD PLayer

Sony Play Station 2

A Sony Clie PDA

A Sony 5 Megapixel Camera

A Sony DV Cam

I think that's it, although Jessica also has a Sony Ericsson T637 phone I think.

If you can create a consistent consumer experience, a fair degree of operability among your media devices, and a sense of a high quality product, you can own a consumer. Or at least you can own me. I think Apple is on the right path with this on the iMac and the iPod, etc.


Anonymous said...

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