Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DRM Pain

Been going through old to-do emails. I have been playing a little bit with the Sprint Music store on the demo phone they sent me that is powered by Groove Mobile. On the phone it's kind of cool in that I use it as my new transistor radio when I am out with the triplets. They really dig Tears For Fears - Change. I hadn't played with the PC part until tonight. I was going to download the songs I had "bought" from the store. I tried to do the download but I had to do a Windows Media Player upgrade. Not a big deal.

I download the upgrade of the DRM. I start the install and the first thing it tells me to do is to backup my hard drive. Pass.

Is this still the current state of things? I don't mind upgrading your DRM for my players but the .99 or $2.99 dollar songs is worth a whole lot less than my data. I will keep the data. I am behind on backups anyways and will do the backup but I am not installing software that can wreck my stuff. I am less worried about the backup than I am the 3 days I would lose reinstalling stuff. Pass.

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