Saturday, May 27, 2006

Give Me Liberty Or Add Me To Your Database

Tonight I was pretty wiped out. The previous night one of the triplets, Brit, had a respiratory thing going on. We didn't get much sleep. We had a day planned to go sailing which we did and had a really awesome time. Pics will be posted shortly. Tonight I needed to head to the drug store to get a ration of Motrin, Pediacare, and some Vaporizer stuff. With 18 month old triplets and a soon to be 4 year old, we go through lots of medication.

Apparently the nationwide epidemic of methamphetamine use has resulted in some restrictions around your ability to purchase large quantities of medication that could be used to make speed from the comfort of your home. Mind you with all the chemicals involved and the number of kids in my house, I don't have any plans to set up a meth lab anytime soon. I can picture a biker in a bandana loading up a shopping cart full of sudafed as being suspicious but several bottles of the above mentioned drugs shouldn't freak anyone out.

When I stepped up to the counter the clerk told me she had to see my drivers license. I pulled out my wallet. She said she needed me to take my license out of my wallet. Huh? I am tired, sure. I took it out and handed it to her. Yes, I am turning 40 this year and the curly headed kid with me is in fact mine and the small quantity of medication on the table is because I have triplets and they generally take 3 times as much medicine as a single child. It's a math thing.

The clerk proceeded to take my license and swipe it on some magnetic card reader. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I have been added to the database of speed freaks and meth cookers. I asked her what the hell that was. She murmured something about some methamphetamine act and pulled up some government publication in her other hand. Tired and not fully realizing how seriously angry this was going to make me, I blurted out vocally, "Hey nothing like a little invasion of my privacy in the land of liberty." The elder gentleman in line behind me blurted out a vocal "Amen".

I am thinking I need to do some research on this law and see if any civil liberties people have any issue with this kind of stuff. If I wasn't tired and if I had any inkling that I was going to be scanned to buy some medication for my kids I would have told her thanks but no thanks. What is going on with my country?

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