Thursday, May 25, 2006

On the Road / Chicago and LA

Atlanta was hot. I don't do humidity very well. I did ride the MARTA to the airport which was cool although the back story reason I rode the MARTA was kind of fascinating but I won't go into that.

Chicago was perfect. The time of year that the Midwest has great weather. Chicago is a great city that just looks so regal. I think that most of the time I have been there when I was at Vivendi was the middle of winter, which isn't as nice.

The trip was good. Mostly business although I was happy to grab breakfast with Patrick DeMoustier who worked with me at Vivendi. He is currently at EA in Chicago as the COO of their studio there. It was nice getting to catch up.

Leaving Chicago was a nightmare. Apparently some weird tornado stuff came up that delayed our flight like 3 hours before they boarded us and made us sit on the tarmac for another 2-3 hours. Lots of fun. We got home at 2 AM and then ran up to LA for a day of meetings. No rest for the wicked. Currently I am on the train with the EVDO on catching up on stuff hoping to get back in my bed before midnight.

Two big technology things from this trip.

1. I downloaded my first TV show. I know, I know, I am a lame avoider of P2P networks but having lots of friends in the content businesses I just don't download stuff for free. I caught the first half of 24 for $1.99. That was so worth it. I was really excited about being able to not have to wait to go home and see it on the TIVO, although sometime late tonight I will catch the other half of the finale. I am really tired or I would have some commentary on how music is not throw away but television is for me and how I actually want to own a CD but could care less about the DVD of a TV show season but I can't do it now. There is something profound there. Not tonight though.

2. More TV on my phone. During those 2-3 hours on the tarmac, in a small seat, in a plane that was hot, with no food or beer, I found that pulling up live feeds of the Weather Channel on my Sprint phone and looking at the weather radar made me realize that when the airlines push you out onto the tarmac with no intention of letting you fly, it isn't really a magic fairy storm that spontaneously comes into existence. They actually know it is coming because they have satellites and other technology that lets them know full well what they are doing. Wow, stupid me. So with that fact in hand it begs the question of why it is better for me to sit confined to the seat of a plane for hours than to sit comfortably or semi comfortably back in the airport. I can't imagine I would like the answer so I am going to continue to pretend it's the weather fairy and gremlins that make my traveling miserable.

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