Friday, May 05, 2006

My Helio Saga Part 2

The title of this post shouldn't be saga but unfortunately it is the right description. As readers may recall I uncovered a broken javascript piece in the shopping process that prevented me from completing a purchase of my new Helio phone. After calling them and alerting them to the problem, the fixed it. Opening day bugs, not a problem. It's to be expected. As an early adopter of things, this doesn't come as a surprise.

Yesterday my phone, a Hero, arrived. I was extremely impressed by all the packaging and presentation. Very Apple if you ask me but cooler in my opinion. A great start. I had also seen the phones before and wasn't very impressed. It reminded me of so many other sliders I have used. I think it was mostly because I wasn't really trying to focus on the phone. Last night I have to admit that I thought the phone was extremely nice and the UI, which I had been impressed with before is extremely beautiful and gives such a great first impression.

I charged the phone overnight and rushed downstairs to activate it so I could start putting it through some drills on the morning coffee run. No dice. I went through the activation process and the phone doesn't work. I called back and it baffled the tech guy. All the settings were right and it should be fine but it wont call out, accept calls, or do anything with data. Huge bummer. The tech support guy said he had to escalate this or send me a new phone. I am waiting for a call back now.

Ok, so this is a saga right? I hope it gets sorted out today. If I weren't a phone geek, I wouldn't have bothered with the website problem and this activation problem, assuming I had gotten past the previous problem, would probably be the deal killer. But not me, nope I am an early adopter. Maybe they should send me some test phones. That would be a good idea. :-)

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