Wednesday, May 10, 2006

OPML Madness

This is my week for OPML. The Social Software Weblog (which I need to re-add to my blogroll) had an article about Grazr here. Earlier this week I decided to start hacking my blog up to clean things up and to try some new stuff. I started by creating an OPML file of my newly condensed reads to try out Winer's new Share Your OPML, which I have to say has been fascinating. Mostly to see what other people read stuff like you. There are a number of views into the information that I have been stewing on and interestingly found someone I know at Warner Bros. who was near the top of my list and I was also near the top of his.

Today I installed the Grazr Javascript on the side and I have to say that it is a super cool little add on that makes updating the blogroll a snap. It also lets people quickly and easily read the same stuff I am reading instantly.

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