Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Radiate / Flipt Series A and Staff Addition

Yesterday in Venture Wire and Moconews it was reported that LBS start up Radiate / Flipt raised $5 million from Sequioa and NEA. As Shawn pointed out here although they are a "stealth" company some details are emerging through some astute blogospheric observations. Yesterday when I saw the names of the founders I tried to find some more news. I wasn't that successful but then thought that any good Silicon Valley backed startup probably uses Linked In. As a result I found the CEO Sam Altman and a link to Radiate on his resume that revealed Mark Jacobstein, The President and COO of Digital Chocolate is their EVP of Corporate Development and Marketing. Interesting that neither his departure from Digital Chocolate or his role at Flipt had been reported previously.

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